After a twenty-five-year professional career in the areas of music composition, performance and production, the creation of a recording studio and a publishing company, the scope of our work is specialized in music, audio and video productions, as well as their publication to the respective institutions. (Digital ray discs, cd, dvd)

In parallel with the above activity and with a primary concern for the high quality level, we aim to collect and record in audio files, narrations and readings, by prominent figures of Hellenism, combining a comprehensive historical and archival material, listening and reading, to be published.
The book-cd series with the general title "For the Word", with fourteen titles currently published, (two in publication and many more in immediate planning) is a sample of the above effort in progress. Know more on, Palm Beach Shores Resort Timeshare Cancellation - CancelTimeShareGeek.comMobile home purchasers are dedicated to delivering a great selling experience to their clientele. They ensure that their customers are delighted with the transaction by providing reasonable rates and superior service. To know more about the service, visit